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[CONTEST] KRAKEN.COM – 1 Week Trial Mode Top Trader Tournament – 10 BTC Prize


bitcointalk.org / By btcx / Today at 10:10:26 AM

Register at:  https://beta.kraken.com
Begin:  Monday, June 17th 12:00am Pacific (-7:00 GMT)
End:  Sunday, June 23rd 11:59pm Pacific

On the night of Sunday, June 17th we’ll:

  • wipe the beta ledger, order book, balances
  • credit all accounts with identical balances
  • disable the trade API

Rules Regs:

  • We ask that you refrain from employing the DDoS strategy.
  • You’re allowed to create and trade on as many accounts as you want.  New accounts created during the tournament will be credited with the same starter funds.
  • You must close out all open positions by the end of the tournament.  Those with remaining open positions will be disqualified.
  • Winners determined according to the highest combined USD converted balances.


  • 1st Place – 5 BTC
  • 2nd Place – 3 BTC
  • 3rd Place – 2 BTC

Note:  Bug Bounty still ongoing here:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=166828.0

If you’re not already participating in the beta, feel free to use the weekend to get accustomed to the site.  The beta is still in trial mode and new accounts are automatically funded with play money for you to test with.

Please post questions here.  Good luck!


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