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Bitcoin Square now has ads, we welcome Coingig as our first sponsor!


Bitcoin Square logo avaBitcoin Square has opened up for advertising two days ago. Yesterday, Ken Metral of Coingig contacted us about placing the first ad. Today, we can proudly pronounce to be in Business with Coingig. We have bought the Bitcoin Square domain name just over a month ago. Shortly after that, we did an interview with Ken Metral about Coingig, this insightful article has been one of the reasons for Bitcoin Square’s great start.


Coingig is a Bitcoin Craigslist on steroids. It is not really a classified ads website, but facilitates Bitcoin accepting merchants to sell at a central place: the Coingig website.

Getting your name established within the Bitcoin community is hard, because you’re never the only one in your field. By creating a webshop on Coingig, you can slowly start selling and building your name. The great thing is, the fees are so low, shops will probably always keep their Coingig store, just because it might be the first place Bitcoin users look to buy things.

TxT paintballlogo

TxT paintball is a website that also created a listing in the Bitcoin Square directory early on. TxT sells paintball equipment for Bitcoin. The owner, Stephen Reed, also did an interview with Bitcoin Square a few weeks ago and he is now a guest writer for Bitcoin Square. I’m happy to see that TxT also opened up a Coingig store.

A portal like Coingig can make it lucrative for merchants to try Bitcoin out, and will be the first place you think of when you want to spend your Bitcoin.

We thank Ken for placing his first ad, and welcome other advertisers on our advertise here page.

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